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LoLalytics Champion Tier. This ranking takes into account 4 factors including the Win Rate of Platinum+ players, the Pick/Ban Influence of the champion, the Best Win Rate and Best Elo of the best players on the champion. Click to Sort.
Win Percentage for all Platinum+ Summoners. Click to Sort.
Pick Percentage for all Platinum+ Summoners. Click to Sort.
Ban Percentage for all Platinum+ Summoners. Click to Sort.
Ahri 598848.4054.180.00
Akali 498346.0929.780.00
Camille 598647.9116.970.00
Diana 699451.5935.500.00
Ekko 699249.7358.650.00
Elise 598446.1714.480.00
Evelynn 599048.8829.150.00
Fizz 598747.9234.300.00
Kassadin 498145.5520.920.00
Katarina 498245.8459.030.00
Kennen 598948.6526.020.00
Kha'Zix 699551.7765.510.00
LeBlanc 498043.7431.610.00
Lee Sin 599149.0699.300.00
Pantheon 699955.5133.580.00
Rengar 699854.9164.970.00
Shaco 699754.7278.380.00
Talon 699653.0175.400.00
Yasuo 598546.8756.110.00
Zed 699349.84116.180.00

League of Legends Patch 7.6
Last 7 Days Platinum+ Only

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